Sunday, June 6, 2010


So today marks the "official" beginning of my half-marathon training! I am so excited to announce that me, my BFF Megan and my good friend Courtney, along with her good friend Lindsey are all going to be running in Disney World's Wine and Dine Half-Marathon in October. Megan is married and has a little 5 month old and lives in Colorado. She is training out there and then flying in to Alabama the week of the race. Then the four of us (and possibly more) are driving down to Orlando for the weekend race. Luckily, we have 17 weeks to prepare and today is the first step of my journey. I will begin today with my "long" run and do 4 miles. Then throughout the week I will do 2 shorter runs, a rest day, a stretch and strengthen day, and a couple days of cross-training (think Zumba, fast walking and random gym cardio/weights). I am so excited and will post more tidbits along the way!