Monday, June 22, 2009


I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday (all three of them). I was really nervous going into it because I was going to be sedated with an IV. This scares me for two reasons, one being the fact that I hate needles and cry just by seeing one and, two, the fact that "going under" just scares me in general. So needless to say Thursday night I was an emotional train wreck trying to prepare for this "surgery". And Greg didn't really make me feel better either. Although he was trying to tell me exactly what was going to happen to prepare me, it was actually making me feel worse. And he had MAJOR issues when he got his out. Like he almost bled to death and his mom had to stuff a towel down his throat as they rushed him back to the ER...

So anyways, Friday morning came and I had written in my planner, my personal calendar and my work calendar that I had an appt with Dr. Martin at 11am. So Greg and I planned it perfect to get there at 10:45, which would give him enough time to go to class, a study session and grab lunch before my appt. Well, I got up early and ran some errands and went to the grocery store and got home about 10am. Around 10:30 I got a phone call from the Dr's office wondering where I was. I politely told them my appointment was at 11 and that I would be there at 10:45. The lady proceeded to get somewhat nasty with me and told me my appointment was actually at 10 and everyone was waiting on me.

So I call Greg and he rushes to my apartment and we rush over to the doctor's office. Everyone was then really nice and Dr. Martin told me I had nothing to worry about. He sedated me about 10:45 and got everything started and by 11:40 we were walking out the door to go home. It was sooo easy! I was really loopy and totally out of it from the sedation, but I couldn't get over how easy it was.

Greg took me home and tucked me into bed. I fell asleep immediately and he woke me up every hour to change the gauze in my mouth. He also woke me up to feed me icees. I have never been an icee person, but omigosh it felt so good on my mouth and throat! I could not get over how good it was.

I just slept all day Friday, and mostly Saturday too. I was on pain meds both days. Sunday I felt much better but was still very tired. I didn't need to take any of the OxyCotone though. And then today I came back to work. I did get some pretty bad pain in my mouth mid morning so I took a pain med and within an hour felt sooo much better!

So for any of you out there who need to get your wisdom teeth out...go for it! It was easy, mostly painless, and gives you a great excuse to sleep and lay on the couch for a few days.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Okay, I am DYING to be on Wheel of Fortune. Seriously, I think I have been watching the show since I was about ten. I am sooo good at puzzle solving it should really be a full time job. I cannot tell you time after time after time I am solving the puzzle like five or six letter choices before these folks on TV. Now I understand watching from the comfort of my couch in my own home is A LOT different than being on a stage with lots of cameras and bright lights, but never the less, I think I would make a fantastic contestant. I would call a wide variety of constanants AND vowels, and I wouldn't be a dummy and keep spinning when I hit "Jackpot" on a "Jackpot Puzzle" nor would I waste anytime on the Prize Puzzels. And yes, I would always go for it on the 10K/Bankrupt bet.

Anyways, I am making it a new life goal to get on Wheel of Fortune so if you know of anyone who can help me acheive this, or if you have any tips, hints, matter how crazy, I would appreciate it.

About two years ago I missed my window of opportunity when I went to work one day over Christmas break at Ann Taylor instead of ditching and driving 2.5 hours to Birmingham to try out for the show. But hopefully, sometime soon, I will get this opportunity again.

PS. Why does my "Upload Image" button/thing NEVER work??? Any one else having this problem, it is really starting to aggrivate me!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sorry I have been gone for so long, but I am simply so busy with life that I have not had time to blog recently. Here are some updates from the past few weeks.

1. I am going to have jaw surgery sometime within probably the next year, I will also be getting braces again during this time frame. Yes, I have already had braces, but I was a dummy and didn't wear my retainer. And yes, I am vain and want a perfect smile. So alas, jaw surgery and braces here I come! (Note, apparently my jaw is at a 51 degree angle, which makes it difficult for me to close my mouth properly, breath properly, and chew food properly. The normal jaw angle is 32 degrees, so by having this done not only will my mouth be normal and my smile be pretty, I will also have a better quality of life, yay!)
2. I am having my wisdom teeth out in two weeks. I am nervous.
3. Spent Memorial Day weekend with Greg and pretty much his entire family for his little sister's high school graduation. I had a little too much fun at a Grad Party on Friday night and got so sick I almost missed Christine's ceremony. Not my best moment. But enjoyed the weekend with him, caught a Brave's game, went extreme Go-Karting and refrained from any form of PDA with him for a full 72 hours. DANG!
4. Greg's Dad won a free trip to Savannah through is work and his parents are taking us with them. Not sure when, but I am so excited for mini vacay to somewhere I have never been!
5. I got a promotion at work after 10 months on the job, I am now a Senior Credit Manager.
6. That's about it.