Thursday, July 22, 2010


Maybe there is hope for me afterall. Last night I attended my first TestMasters class here in Auburn. The schedule was suppose to run Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-10, with a few Saturdays sprinkled here or there to complete our diagnostic exams. (BTW, all material in this course are REAL LSAT questions and exams. Not something made up to be similar to the LSAT.) Anyways, so I took my first diagnostic last night which was the LSAT in June 2008...and I scored a 147! I was throughly pleased and actually very surprised. My goal is to score in the 160+ range. I am very happy and now completely motivated to crush the test come October

Friday, July 16, 2010


I just got back from another SLAMDUNK at the grocery store! Today's store of choice was Publix.

I got everything pictured above for $8.97 (including tax)
Here's the breakdown:
1 Publix Milk - $2.99 (seriously, my most expensive item!)
1 box Cheerios - $1.99 - .50 coupon (doubled) = .99
1 Dannon Activia - $2 on sale - $1 coupon = $1
1 Fiber One Toaster Pastries - B1G1 Free $2.29 - Bought one @ $1.15 -.50 coupon (doubled)= FIFTEEN CENTS
1 Disposable Bic Razor 4pk - B1G1 Free $5.39 - Bought one @ $2.75 -$3 coupon = FREE plus overage
2 Olay Daily Cleansing Cloths - $5.99 on sale for $4.49 each - 2 $1 off peelies I found in store - B1G1 free coupon ($4.49 value) = $2.49 for TWO or $1.25 each...not to mention I am going to put these toward a $10 rebate I will qualify for!

Greg is bringing me the same coupons home today from work, hopefully four or five sets from the mail room and I am going to go back to Publix and repeat a bunch of these deals! YAY!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just a random post today. I am in Huntsville visiting Greg for the week. We worked out at the gym at his apartment yesterday, then grocery shopped at Publix together and came home and made breakfast tacos. YUMMY! I'll post the recipe below. Then after dinner, we wanted to bowling. We got all the way to the bowling alley and forgot it was closed on Mondays. OOPS! But atleast I got an ice cream sandwich on the way home. YUMMY again!

Today we are going to go to the workout room again when he gets home. Then I'll make some corn casserole and go bowling. Tomorrow night we might go see Toy Story 3 or just wait till this weekend. Last time I was up here we watched both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on TV. They are such cute/funny/sweet/innocent movies. They make me laugh and cry!

Thursday night I am having a girl's night with Christy which I am so very excited about because I cannot remember the last time I saw her.

Greg and I are hoping for some nice pool weather this weekend and we plan to go to some of the downtown bars here. I'll head home Monday morning because my TestMaster class starts Monday night at 6 and I will have to run a bunch of errands all day Monday after being gone all week.

Next weekend is AquaPalooza on Lake Martin with Trotline! Can't wait! So far this summer has been great!