Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yay! I am so excited! I have my first babysitting gig tomorrow night. I love kids and this is the first time in a very long time I have had the opportunity and chance to watch someone's precious little angels. I am going to be watching, Jayden, a 14 month old. I met his mom, Deanna, at Slender Solutions here in Auburn. (I know, try and hold back your laughs!) I have gotten a bunch of bodywraps there, which are amazing by the way, and she is the owner. We got to talking and she offered to give me free wraps if I can watch him every once in a while. Tomorrow night her and her husband are going to go to the movies, so I'm going to watch little Jayden from 7-10 or so. I am also watching Jayden on January 31st from 8 in the morning until 5 at night. I think she has to run the store that. Plus her store in Montgomery is having an open house and she needs someone to do a sample body wrap, so I told her I'd be the model and I am going to get a free wrap from that too. So that's great! If you have ever wanted to even try a body wrap, I highly reccomend Slender Solutions. They are NON dehydrating, infact, they're really good for you. Not only do you lose inches each time, it gets a bunch of nasty toxins out of your body and leaves your skin soft and supple. They are fabulous. If you ever want to get one done, call Deanna and let her know I referred you. I'm sure she'd be happy to give you a nice discount. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I don't know what happened, but Greg got fired from his job today. Can you believe that?! He called me at work about 11ish and told me he had been fired. Apparently yesterday he was yelled at twice. Once for putting his hands in his pockets. (He works outside in the freezing cold and doesn't have any gloves.) And once for sitting down on the job. He told me last night it was pointless, meaningless work and he really didn't like it. They had him moving concrete and other materials all day from Point A to Point B, back over to Point A and then to Point C, etc. You get the idea. He said he started doing that today, but him and some other crew men finished moving everything they were suppose to. Then a labor manager tells gives him a list of parts to go find. I have no idea what this means. But Greg said he could not find any of the parts, and looked numerous times and finally went to the labor manager. The labor manager got mad and said to keep looking and after more work Greg said he still could not locate them anywhere. Then the labor manager remembered none of those parts were here and nevermind about it, he then sent Greg to "the office." It was at this time (only a day and a half on the job) that his boss fired him, telling him he wasn't working hard enough and they would have to let him go. I felt so bad for him! He said that Zebra is way overstaffed and that plenty of the men were just wandering around pretty much doing nothing and that they probably realized that and then just fired him since he was low man on the totem pole. So now he has to start a job search and hopefully he can find something meaningful to do for this semester. I guess we'll see.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am sorry. I have finally come to the realization that I am horrible blogger. I am going to try and attempt a new year's resolution to blog more, in order to document my daily life a little bit better. So I just found out that Greg's fraternity formal is Feburary 13,14 and 15th in New Orleans. The big night is of course, Valentine's Day. Figures. For the first time in my ENTIRE life I will have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Needless to say partying at a bar, full of frat boys, on Bourbon Street is not exactly how I envisioned Greg and I's first Valentine's Day together. I guess I am a hopeless romantic who was hoping for a candlelit dinner, with roses and chocalates in tow. Maybe next year?

On another note I have been attempting to study for the GMAT an hour a night and for two hours on Sunday. So far, haven't been all that successful but I looked at my countdown today and I only have 5 weeks until the exam so I have got to get going. March 1st is the application deadline, I am hoping to hear sometime in mid March to early April whether or not I am accepted. I just love school and love learning and I am really hoping I get the opportunity go back.

And before I go, I'll share that Greg started his job with Zebra Construction today on Auburn's campus. He has already completed all of his pre-BSCI coursework, so he doesn't have any classes left until he starts the Building Science Program in May. So he decided to take the semester off and get some work experience. He is so cute in his hard hat and insulated overalls and steel toe boots he wears to work. I begged him to get a picture and he said I could once he came home tonight! I'm hoping this will be a good opportunity for him to stay busy and earn a good bit of money to stash away.

I hope everyone has a great week! Lots of love!