Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I posted last week about some goodies I got completely for *FREE* (minus paying for taxes on the "value" of the items) and I just had to share more this week! Thanks to this sweet woman I signed up for a Kraft First Taste Account a few weeks ago. By doing so, I received six coupons for free products from Kraft! Pictured above I got the following:

1 Ritz Crackerfulls
1 Kool-Aid Fun Fizz
1 Digiorno Deep Dish Pizza
1 Kraft Colby Jack Cheese Snack Bites
1 Oscar Meyer Mesquite Chicken Deli Shaved Meat

And I still have a coupon for a *FREE* Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese. (The Publix I was shopping at did not carry the item.)

You will also notice a copy of the celebrity news and gossip magazine "OK Weekly" and I'm sure you're wondering...Did she get that for *FREE*, too?

You 'betcha!

Thanks to this sweet lady I became a believer in the completely *FREE* magazine subscriptions! You just sign up from a special website, no trial, no credit card, and no weird surveys. This was actually my second OK to get in my mailbox, I got my first one last week and I think they come every Monday.

How exciting!

The total value of everything pictured above (including the magazine) is just over $20!

Now even though I do not each much processed food (if its in a bag, box or can, I stay away...) I can't beat *FREE*