Thursday, June 11, 2009


Okay, I am DYING to be on Wheel of Fortune. Seriously, I think I have been watching the show since I was about ten. I am sooo good at puzzle solving it should really be a full time job. I cannot tell you time after time after time I am solving the puzzle like five or six letter choices before these folks on TV. Now I understand watching from the comfort of my couch in my own home is A LOT different than being on a stage with lots of cameras and bright lights, but never the less, I think I would make a fantastic contestant. I would call a wide variety of constanants AND vowels, and I wouldn't be a dummy and keep spinning when I hit "Jackpot" on a "Jackpot Puzzle" nor would I waste anytime on the Prize Puzzels. And yes, I would always go for it on the 10K/Bankrupt bet.

Anyways, I am making it a new life goal to get on Wheel of Fortune so if you know of anyone who can help me acheive this, or if you have any tips, hints, matter how crazy, I would appreciate it.

About two years ago I missed my window of opportunity when I went to work one day over Christmas break at Ann Taylor instead of ditching and driving 2.5 hours to Birmingham to try out for the show. But hopefully, sometime soon, I will get this opportunity again.

PS. Why does my "Upload Image" button/thing NEVER work??? Any one else having this problem, it is really starting to aggrivate me!


Allie said...

I tried out for it. HAHAHAHA
Let me know if you go!