Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sorry I have been gone for so long, but I am simply so busy with life that I have not had time to blog recently. Here are some updates from the past few weeks.

1. I am going to have jaw surgery sometime within probably the next year, I will also be getting braces again during this time frame. Yes, I have already had braces, but I was a dummy and didn't wear my retainer. And yes, I am vain and want a perfect smile. So alas, jaw surgery and braces here I come! (Note, apparently my jaw is at a 51 degree angle, which makes it difficult for me to close my mouth properly, breath properly, and chew food properly. The normal jaw angle is 32 degrees, so by having this done not only will my mouth be normal and my smile be pretty, I will also have a better quality of life, yay!)
2. I am having my wisdom teeth out in two weeks. I am nervous.
3. Spent Memorial Day weekend with Greg and pretty much his entire family for his little sister's high school graduation. I had a little too much fun at a Grad Party on Friday night and got so sick I almost missed Christine's ceremony. Not my best moment. But enjoyed the weekend with him, caught a Brave's game, went extreme Go-Karting and refrained from any form of PDA with him for a full 72 hours. DANG!
4. Greg's Dad won a free trip to Savannah through is work and his parents are taking us with them. Not sure when, but I am so excited for mini vacay to somewhere I have never been!
5. I got a promotion at work after 10 months on the job, I am now a Senior Credit Manager.
6. That's about it.