Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I have not posted now in almost two weeks because I have just been so busy with work, which is definitely a good thing! Last week we debuted our new mortgage product... we can now originate FHA home loans! They are backed by the US Gov't so they offer rates at 4.75% and pretty much everyone qualifies. So if you know anyone interested in refinancing, now is the time to do so!

Anyways,I have been meeting with so many clients and working up so many deals that last Thursday I was in the office until 9:30 at night. Then I just started my new part time job last Saturday. So I was doing that from 9-4. I am working for my friend Deanna's body wrap salon, Slender Solutions. There is a store in Auburn and Montgomery and I am just wrapping for her on Saturdays to earn some extra cash. Since I had so many deals from last week that I had to get faxed up on Monday I came into the office on Sunday and worked for about four hours or so. I ended up putting in almost a 60 hour work week between everything.

This week has been better, but I have been coming in at 8am instead of 830 just to get extra work done. I am so glad to be busy, because not only am I getting overtime, but once these deals close in a couple months it will mean really nice bonuses!

And great news for Greg! He started his new job with Sam's Club last Friday. He is working in the Tire and Battery Department. And he loves it. Did you know you can get a Sam's membership for only $35 for a full year? And, if you buy your tires from Sam's you get free rotate and balance for life.

Hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day!