Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I don't know what happened, but Greg got fired from his job today. Can you believe that?! He called me at work about 11ish and told me he had been fired. Apparently yesterday he was yelled at twice. Once for putting his hands in his pockets. (He works outside in the freezing cold and doesn't have any gloves.) And once for sitting down on the job. He told me last night it was pointless, meaningless work and he really didn't like it. They had him moving concrete and other materials all day from Point A to Point B, back over to Point A and then to Point C, etc. You get the idea. He said he started doing that today, but him and some other crew men finished moving everything they were suppose to. Then a labor manager tells gives him a list of parts to go find. I have no idea what this means. But Greg said he could not find any of the parts, and looked numerous times and finally went to the labor manager. The labor manager got mad and said to keep looking and after more work Greg said he still could not locate them anywhere. Then the labor manager remembered none of those parts were here and nevermind about it, he then sent Greg to "the office." It was at this time (only a day and a half on the job) that his boss fired him, telling him he wasn't working hard enough and they would have to let him go. I felt so bad for him! He said that Zebra is way overstaffed and that plenty of the men were just wandering around pretty much doing nothing and that they probably realized that and then just fired him since he was low man on the totem pole. So now he has to start a job search and hopefully he can find something meaningful to do for this semester. I guess we'll see.