Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I love Greg. Gosh, he is so great! We decided to exchange our Valentines pressies on Thursday night since we were going to be in New Orleans Friday through Sunday for Pike Formal and we didn't want to have to lug extra stuff in the car and what not. So Thursday night after I got my body wrap, he came over and showed up at my door with a handwritten poem on a posterboard with candy words. For some reason I cannot get the add image button to work on my blog, so instead of a picture ya'll will just get the text:

To my "Sweetarts",
Please don't "Snickers", but I love you to the "Milky Way" and back. The "Starburst" and my heart sings like a "Symphony" when I think of our "Good and Plenty" life together. I would never tell a "Whopper" and I feel like "100 Grand" when I'm with you.

Love you "Mounds"

I never knew he was so creative! I had a few tears when he gave this to me because I could tell how much effort, thought and love he put into it. It might seem simple, but it meant so much to me. Much more than flowers or a teddy bear.

On the receiving end, he got a pair of heart boxers from Old Navy, a Men's Shaving and Lotion Kit from Neutrogena and some candy with two funny and cute Shoebox cards. A perfect first Valentine's together with many more to come.